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Velvet for Upholstery

Best Practices: Using Velvet for Upholstery

The popularity and demand of quality cotton velvet for drapery and upholstery use continues to increase enormously.

No Velvet is entirely perfect… minor irregularities can sometimes be seen at very close range, but will not impair the general effect of the velvet. It should be borne in mind that freshly hung velvet curtains never do full justice to the quality. As the atmosphere lifts the pile, the richness and luster steadily improve, a process that can continue for several months.

Upholstery Recommendations

In order to maintain the luxurious look and to extend wear ability to a maximum, the following recommendations need to be adhered to when using velvet in an upholstery application:

  • Before applying velvet to any part of the furniture or cushions, the item has to be covered in white 100% cotton sheeting or cheesecloth. This prevents aggravation of the pile on the under-side of the fabric.
  • Synthetic material is not acceptable as a substitute for the 100% cotton as it will not prevent damage to the velvet pile.
  • Heavy wear areas of the furniture should be padded with foam or other soft material.

Following these guidelines strictly will help to ensure the beautiful character of velvet.

Both pile up and pile down methods of hanging velvet are quite correct and the consumer’s preference should be discussed prior to work commencing.

Pile Up gives a richer, deeper color appearance because there is less light reflection and one can see down the pile. Conversely, curtains tend to collect dust, and pressure or handling marks are more obvious where flattened pile increases light reflection.

Pile Down gives more light reflection and therefore less depth of color. Marks do not show so readily and dust is not trapped to the same extent.

For upholstery we do recommend pile down. 

Color Fastness
Most velvets today are dyed to a certain standard. However, no fabric is completely fadeless. Some toning-off, particularly on the leading edges of curtains may gradually take place due to the action of sunlight through glass and through condensation.

Velvet should always be professionally dry- cleaned.

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