New Products


10 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Like its associates BESPOKE and AMAZING, BELPRE offers a powerful tool for vertical applications.  BELPRE is woven for maximum drop, or “hang” (the physical ability of a textile to replicate potential movement).  Similar to a light weight worsted wool, it is both soft and creamy to-the-touch.  Deliberately processed as “chemically free”, BELPRE possesses the endurance and sustainability required for value-focused residential or commercial draperies.  Resplendent.



Brushed Steel

11 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Like The Gateway Arch in St. Louis and the DMC DeLorean vanity car, BRUSHED STEEL handsomely mimics grazed stainless steel interpreted as a polyurethane upholstery product.  With its polycarbonate base and an abrasion level at over 200,000 double rubs, BRUSHED STEEL acts to enliven contemporary environments while redefining modern luxury.  Glamourous.



Map of Life

5 Colorways, Heavy Duty

A “lofted” pile yarn, densely woven for an all-out maximum effect.  Supported by a strong technical weaving process, MAP OF LIFE is a true velvet (not a composite chenille) woven on consequential looms for maximum performance.  As a counterpoint to its luxurious suppleness, MAP OF LIFE exceeds 50,000 double rubs for wear.  Sumptuous. 

3 yard min.




9 Colorways, Heavy Duty

A vigorously assertive material, produced for maximum visual effect.  Strong performance in public areas, as well as creative and imaginative upholstery.  Infused with a quickness, a power and determination, VICIOUS is a physically aggressive yet artistically intelligent choice.  Responsibly free of phthalates, FR treatments and extraneous anti-microbial additives.  Brutish.