Organic Treatments

Our organic treatments are water-based, with no fluorocarbons, formaldehyde or salts and have low VOCs.

For an additional cost, organic stain-resistant and flame treatments can be applied to select textiles (see list below). Flame treatment allows for textiles to achieve NFPA 701 certification (non-adhered vertical/drapes).

*Cost and Details

  • Individual treatments (stain resistant or flame) are $8.00 per yard
  • Stain resistant and flame together are $16.00 per yard
  • Minimum 5 yards
  • Minimum Fee $200
  • Working loss: An additional ½ yard per piece is recommended for each item
  • Delivery: Allow additional 2-4 weeks for transit and treatment
  • Shipping Charges: Twice the yardage quantity (due to double shipment), using our standard shipping chart

Organic treatments are currently available on these products:

  • Belpre  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Bespoke  (Organic flame only; Has GreenShield stain finish)
  • Beyond That  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Light and Air  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Meaningful  (Organic flame only; Has water-repellent finish)

*  Costs are subject to change, are  based on volume, and may be refined and reconsidered on a case-by-case basis.