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Biltmore Microsuede Cleaning

Care and Cleaning of Biltmore Microsuede

Biltmore Collection is our designer-quality microsuede for upholstery.Since liquid spills tend to “bead up” on the surface, often all that is needed is quick action with a dry cloth to absorb the liquid. Regular routine vacuuming, immediate attention to accidental spills, and occasional brushing is generally all that is required to maintain the luxurious feel and appearance.

Listed below are some commonly asked questions:

How should I care for Biltmore Collection?
Many experts will tell you that the key to long life for carpets, draperies, and upholstery fabrics is periodic cleaning. Just as your woodwork needs an occasional dusting, that same airborne dust and dirt is settling on your furniture. Simply brush with a soft nylon bristle brush. Avoid a metal brush or one with stiff bristles. If you have any doubts about whether your suede brush is too stiff, compare it to a soft bristle toothbrush. Normal, regular vacuuming will also remove dust deposits and prevent soil build-up. A few minutes once a week will keep your furniture looking fresh and new.

What about spills?
The microfiber structure of Biltmore Collection causes many spills to “bead up” on the surface. Often all that is needed is quick action with a dry cloth to absorb the liquid.

What do I do about stains?
If a spill has been left to dry don’t be alarmed. Biltmore Collection will easily “release” most stains with normal cleaning techniques. Blot (if still sticky) or brush out (if dry) any excess of the staining material. Water-soluble stains can be removed by dabbing the affected area with mild soapy water. Woolite is recommended, or any mild dishwashing soap such as Joy or Dove will also work well. Avoid soaking the suede as this will just result in a buildup of soap in the material…instead, dab the stain with soapy water and blot up the stain with a clean cloth. A soft absorbent terry cloth or towel is good for this. For more stubborn stains, brush with a soft toothbrush and blot. Another good cleaning agent is a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. For non-water-soluble stains such as grease, use a petroleum solvent (mineral spirits, naphtha, or a spot remover using perchloroethylene). Moisten a clean cloth with the solvent, dab the stained area, and blot with a clean dry cloth. After cleaning allow the suede to air dry or you can dry quickly with the warm setting of a hair dryer. Brush to restore the nap.        

What do I do about rings?
“Rings,” noticed after cleaning and drying, are usually the result of some residual soap or cleaning solution remaining in the fabric. Even water can leave a ring of minerals, salts, dust or other contaminants. Rings or spots may also simply be areas where the suede micro fibers have clumped together. Many rings can usually just be brushed out. For a more stubborn ring, try cleaning the area again with clear water. Use a sponge or soft clean cloth. A “feathering” technique (working from the center out) will help prevent the ring from reappearing. Blot out as much of the water as possible with a dry towel. Quick drying with a hair dryer (or fan) set at the warm setting can help prevent ring formation. As always, brush when dry to restore the nap.

What about stains or soiled areas that are just too large to spot clean?
For large areas, a wet extraction process is recommended, available through most professional cleaning services. Or you can do it yourself using a home wet vacuum system. An example is a Bissell carpet cleaner with the small upholstery attachment. Use a mild soap and cool to lukewarm water. Do not soak the suede. Spray and vacuum, lightly brushing if necessary. Go over the piece with water only to remove soap residue. Allow the suede to dry completely then lightly brush to restore the nap. Removable cushion covers may also be washed on a gentle cycle in a washing machine using cold water and Woolite followed by a cold rinse. Air dry the suede or lightly tumble the cover in a dryer on a cool setting. Brush the suede lightly after drying.

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