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New Paris

$74.50 Net USDPer Linear Yard

Memo Cutting Chainset Add to Cart

* To order samples, first select a colorway below.
   Samples are available to the trade only.
   Most memo samples are 9” x 9”. Cuttings (when available) are 3” x 3”.
   Product samples provide a more accurate representation of color and texture.

Product: #3300
Content: 56% Rayon / 37% Cotton / 5% Polyester / 2% Linen
Width: 49 Inches
Finish: Washed with Stain Resistant
Weight: 1.34 lbs per linear yard
Vertical Repeat: N/A
Horizontal Repeat: N/A
Suggested Use: Upholstery
Application suitability is the sole responsibility of the designer/purchaser.

Contact Customer Service if you need information on a test not listed below.

California Technical Bulletin, 117: Pass

Dry Clean Only

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