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Beautiful, affordable performance textiles that elevate
contemporary environments in surprisingly elegant and informal ways.

Responsibly finished.   Meticulously priced.   Engineered for both drape and upholstery.


17 Colorways, Heavy Duty

This is where aesthetics meets performance and principle. BESPOKE is a creamy-soft-to-the-touch textile possessing the endurance and sustainability you demand in a residential or contract drapery fabric.  Exceeding 100,000 double rubs and infused with the sustainable protection of Green Shield™. New Color: George #1550-00



Beyond That

12 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Significant and exact in its execution, BEYOND THAT walks the perfect line of transition from handsome contract drapery to appropriate heavy duty upholstery.  Spry in its demeanor, BEYOND THAT confidently believes it is an expensive heathered wool – who are we to argue?



Light and Air

19 Colorways, Heavy Duty

A subtle, restrained sheen.  A quiet, almost imperceptible strie effect adding to its tranquil dimensionality.  Beautiful, perfect colors serving to elevate any sensibly curated contemporary environment.  Engineered for both contract drape and heavy duty upholstery, LIGHT AND AIR is both self-possessed and controlled in its honest comportment.




15 Colorways, Heavy Duty

A fresh take on a modern, affordable and accessible flaxen textile. Noted for its strength, coolness and luster, MEANINGFUL utilizes alternating tones of woven striation to support a spontaneous and slightly raw appearance.  Engineered for both contract drape and heavy duty upholsyery with perfect density and the perfect weight.




27 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Healthier for the planet thanks to our responsible construction techniques, THINK is the "greenest" Technology Leather we've ever engineered. No VOC's, no toxic by-products, no chemical flame retardants, yet THINK has high resilience (200,000 double rubs) for everyday use while withstanding extreme temperatures and UV exposure. With 100% silicone face, it provides resistance to stains, water and oxidation. THINK marries 26 brilliant colors - including handsome neutrals and lively bold hues - with a highly usable, performance-driven Technology Leather. With all of this in one upholstery product, there isn't much left to "think" about.