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8 Colorways, Heavy Duty

The power of this I-beam design serves as a universal icon of contemporary engineering.

Uncompromising in its rigorous discipline, there is a quiet authority in the overall DNA of BLDG.

Meaningful. Redolent. Commanding. Authoritative. Enduring.




8 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Honoring the divine feat of balancing weight, suspension, and gravity.

Light yet stable. Elevated yet grounded.

A stylish collaboration of pattern, color, and design that soars while staying firmly rooted in a magnificent architectural framework.




20 Colorways, Heavy Duty

Sometimes a strong, clear suggestion is all you need… the raw natural beauty of silk rendered in an environmentally engineered, responsible vinyl.

Phthalate free. Lead free. Formaldehyde free. Guilt free.

No silk worms were harmed, or even bothered, in the making of this sublimely beautiful product.




16 Colorways, Heavy Duty

To quote Diana Vreeland, “Granite has energy. It’s said that Manhattan is built on a base of granite, and this is where this town gets its vitality, its drive, its vigor.”

In furtherance, we like to think this robust textile lends a certain tangible energy to a room.

Textured, marled yarn gives the feel & appearance of wool tweed, with the value & durability of 100% polyester.

Resilient, robust, resolute.




8 Colorways, Heavy Duty

The gates of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. The westernmost façade of Notre Dame de Paris. The elegant, intricate patterns of Paddington Station in West London. The seductive balconies of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. You get the point…

Lyrical and evocative, IRONWORK finds its influence in how architects use ornamentation to enhance, elevate, and dimensionalize their structures.

Wrought but never overwrought, subtle scrolls and shields are interpreted in soft, yet heavy-duty chenille.