Museum Mohair - High Performance Upholstery Velvet Mohair
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Museum Mohair

$134.50 Net USDPer Linear Yard

Shorn from the Angora goat, the rich luster, soft hand and outstanding durability of this precious fiber provides Joseph Noble Mohair with its highly distinctive and lasting qualities. With its affinity for dyes, MUSEUM MOHAIR elevates color to an unmatched clarity and a halo-like glow.  It does not crush, mat or pill.  Dust and dirt are easily brushed off. Valued for its flame resistance and high sound absorbency, Joseph Noble Mohair is ideal for both public installations as well as private residences. 

  • 100% Mohair
  • 51,000 Double Rubs

Memo Cutting Chainset Add to Cart

* Samples are available to the trade only.
   Most memo samples are 9” x 9”. Cuttings (when available) are 3” x 3”.
   Color rendition varies by computer/device manufacturer and model.
   Product samples provide a more accurate representation of color and texture.

Product: #611
Content: 100% Mohair
Width: 54 Inches
Weight: 1.77 lbs per linear yard
Suggested Use: Upholstery
Application suitability is the sole responsibility of the designer/purchaser.

Contact Customer Service if you need information on a test not listed below.

California Technical Bulletin, 117: Pass
NFPA 260 : Pass
NFPA 701 (Small Scale) : Can be treated
UFAC Class 1 : Pass
Colorfastness to Light AATCC 16-40 hrs.: Class 5 - 40 hours
Crocking AATCC-8: Wet - Class 5.0 / Dry - Class 5.0
Abrasion ASTM D 41 57-10: 51,000
Breaking Strength ASTM D751-06: 82.9 Warp and 95.6 Fill
Seam Strength ASTM D751-98: 52 Warp and 56.7 Fill

S- Spot clean only with a water-free dry cleaning solvent.

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