The French call it "materiel noble",
simple yet beautiful fabric.

Cloth so personal, it has a spirit.

For over 30 years, Joseph Noble has been the touchstone for contemporary fabrics within the home furnishing and contract arena.

By constantly embracing the needs of the most discerning designer and architect, Joseph Noble has continually redefined the classics by creating a collection of outstanding textiles that are both profoundly beautiful to the eye as well as engineered and designed to be appropriate across multiple applications.

Brilliant colors. Luxurious hand. Amazing suppleness. Beautiful constructions. Remarkable yarns. Quiet, elegant patterns. Appropriate influences teamed with unparalleled excellence -- each of these the hallmark of the Joseph Noble Collection of textiles.

Created from the world's finest silk, linen, wool and cotton and remarkable for their brilliant color and intricate texture, this exceptional collection reinforces Joseph Noble's commitment to excellence to both quality and design.

By combining exceptional craftsmanship with lustrous yet intricate weaving allows Joseph Noble to construct fabrics that are widely recognized as truly "best of class.” The excellence of this collection is indisputable in the attention to every detail – in every way, the hallmark of Joseph Noble.

For over three decades, his company has celebrated the honest value that comes from weaving beautiful fabric.

Simple, clear, straightforward.

Helping to elevate environments since 1980.