Date: January 2021

Re: Advances at Joseph Noble


Good morning.

In advance, let’s agree to stick to only good news.

As we start this New Year, each of us here at Joseph Noble sends best wishes to our associates, both in the United States and across the globe.

After analyzing and acknowledging the challenges faced in 2020, we came to realize a number of key dynamics specific to our industry that were vulnerable to change. Many of these challenges were already in place, but exacerbated by the pandemic.

In drawing from our four-decades long rich culture as a product-design company and taking inventory of our current position in the marketplace, my team and I looked ahead to what the Joseph Noble future should be within this new landscape.

What became immediately clear is that we were, and are, in the ideal position to drive this next chapter of new ideas, far beyond the business trials of 2020. Let me explain…

We have long thought of ourselves as having a start-up vibe, a bit scorched earth, giving us (at times) the requisite relevance with younger designers – to measurable success. Our product, language, and imagery all serve this classic small business mojo. We are a fast-paced, design-driven and innately curious company.

From there, we recognized the sudden shift to a remote workforce has compelled many organizations to accelerate their digital transformation plans. We were no exception.

The solution became clear and strong – the largest part of these changes had to be done both virtually and visually, allowing for clarity and immediacy of messaging. The good news is that we have a strong history of understanding how to do this.

With shifts to more collaborations, this means stronger anywhere/anytime access, and significant image-relevant VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS. With important data and vital intelligence readily available, these new digital presentations have the capacity through imagery to showcase products while strengthening our brand, and most importantly, instilling confidence in our clients and sales associates.

Side note – we should always scale our distribution to reflect our product offerings and our clients’ needs. Taking a cue from Netflix, we should always be on the lookout for a better delivery system for our product, and we don’t need a semi-truck to deliver a pizza. Our new and delightful VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS will assist in meeting this new need.

We serve a creative community. Our visual language, specifically online and more specifically with our new VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS, will support that. Immediate, relevant, informational and inspiring.

Lastly, on a personal note – I don’t believe doing nothing is ever an action plan. I am an agent for change and a disciple of innovation. Arriving at my 40th year in business was neither by chance nor accident.

Like many other small businesses, once I saw the shift happen in March 2020, I had to make difficult decisions regarding our business as a whole, while ensuring our team members’ and associates’ safety. I halted the distribution of new products, paused marketing efforts, and turned towards shoring up our technology to meet our customer needs virtually.

From there, my job was to invent and design ourselves out of this problem. For me, creativity has always been the access to joy and this situation was not going to be an exception.

And so, the attached link will give you a clearer idea of the 6 exciting, new changes that lie ahead for our organization:

Fortunately, I do not have my head in the sand regarding the uncontrollable challenges that might lie ahead — I have no crystal ball, no bag of magic beans. I don’t have the power to re-open architecture and design firms or the ability to immediately bring clients back to their designers.

But understand that we are fully invested in experiencing the next successful chapter in our shared industry through intelligent awareness, creativity and imagination – and from that, we ask that you join us.

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and how we can further support you during this transition.

Joseph Noble