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Being both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial makes TELLONIC ideal for numerous healthcare applications. Having a Phthalate free construction honors our ongoing commitment to a better, healthier world. Exceeding 100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek instills a clear confidence in its long term wear and function.

12 Colorways, Heavy Duty, $43.50 net

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Universal Cloth

A true and honest balance of appropriate weaving and structural relevance, UNIVERSAL CLOTH advises with authority. UNIVERSAL CLOTH is finished with Greenshield™, exceeds 50,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek, stocked in 19 colorways, can be treated to pass NFPA 701 small scale commercial drapery, and prices out at under $30 a yard. Universally appealing.

19 Colorways, Heavy Duty, $29.50 net

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QUELLON emulates both the idea and the emotion of expensive French champagne by becoming light and effortless through its intended execution. In a word, sublime. 100% Polyurethane with exclusive Graffiti-Free coating, along with being wear tested at 100,000+ Wyzenbeek, reinforces the overall responsiveness of this product.

12 Colorways, Heavy Duty, $46.50 net

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Tiny, slender, yet dominant yarns in both the warp and fill are artfully arranged in a classic herringbone pattern. ARRIVAL comes in 12 solid colorways, exceeds 50,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek, is enhanced with a Greenshield™ finish, and prices out at less than $30 a yard. Talk about making an entrance.

12 Colorways, Heavy Duty, $29.50 net

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Engineered to work perfectly in both commercial and residential applications. Woven exclusively for Joseph Noble just outside of Istanbul, permeated with a strong economy of purpose while honoring an inherent diverse cultural heritage found at the core of its DNA.

11 Colorways, Heavy Duty, $49.50 net

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