Organic Treatments

Our organic treatments are water-based, with no fluorocarbons, formaldehyde or salts and have low VOCs.

For an additional cost, organic stain resistant and flame treatments can be applied to select textiles (see list below). Flame treatment allows for textiles to achieve NFPA 701 certification (non-adhered vertical/drapes).

Cost* and Details

  • Individual treatments (stain resistant or flame) are $5.00 per yard
  • Stain resistant and flame together are $8.00 per yard
  • Minimum 5 yards
  • Minimum Fee $200
  • Working loss: An additional ½ yard per piece is recommended for each item
  • Delivery: Allow additional 2-4 weeks for transit and treatment
  • Shipping Charges: Twice the yardage quantity (due to double shipment), using our standard shipping chart

Organic treatments are currently available on these products:

  • Bespoke  (Organic flame only; Has GreenShield stain finish)
  • Beyond That  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Light and Air  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Meaningful  (Organic flame only; Has water-repellent finish)
  • New Purpose  (Organic stain resistant and flame treatments available)
  • Amazing and Amazing Too can be treated to pass NFPA 701 with traditional (non organic) flame treatments; Both already have GreenShield stain finish.

*  Costs are subject to change, are  based on volume, and may be refined and reconsidered on a case-by-case basis.